Our Philosophy

Our primary goal is to preserve investor capital and increase property values by reinvesting in property management, team building, and customer service.   Our real estate products are always of the best quality.  It is important for us to create safe and beautiful communities for our tenants and buyers.

Customer service is something we strive to deliver to our investors, associates, vendors, and community of tenants.  This includes regular communication and transparency during all phases of the projects.

What Sets Us Apart

Our core team works very well together and we each have our strengths we bring to the table.  We all operate with the utmost respect and integrity and value all our relationships.

At  NBNW Development you’ll find that we surround ourselves with the best vendors, associates, and external team members to ensure we keep on track and deliver quality properties.   Providing excellent customer service is something we’re pleased to do and something you should come to expect from us.