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North by Northwest is a full service real estate development firm established in Los Angeles since  2008.  Currently operating out of Pasadena, NBNW’s principals consist of real estate brokers, appraisers, attorneys and seasoned developers that have weathered and learned from the storm of our recent economic recession.   The collective knowledge and experience of the company core include:

  • Ground-up construction specializing in hillside development
    (Pasadena, Ontario….   Etc)
  • Acquisition and repositioning of multi-unit apartment buildings
    (Phoenix, Long Beach….  Etc.)
  • Adaptive repurposing, value added projects.
    (Los Angeles, Hollywood, Lincoln Heights, Eagle Rock)

The diversity of experience of the NBNW team in each of these fields of real estate make it a very dynamic development firm in Southern California.

Development projects and communities need to reciprocate and complement each other for successful projects to emerge. The mission of NBNW is to revitalize and compliment new energy to the community in which it serves.

To manage risk, we identify trends of growth and market dynamics in select communities that we feel we can collaborate with, and become a complement to their gentrification.

With our seasoned group, NBNW is able to identify opportunity where others may only see blight and uncertainty; and through our varied contacts, we are able to skillfully work through the many challenges that each project presents.

The specialized experience and knowledge of NBNW’s team has been able to transform a barren hill into scenic community; an ignored and undervalued building into a glowing and performing residential tower of pride and stability; and caused complete gentrification of ignored and blighted warehouse zones into revived communities thriving with the creative talents that become the new occupants of its lofts.

With its multitude of talents and resources, NBNW is poised to become a premiere development firm in California.